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Ikeda Nomi

Masterpieces from the Ikeda workshop

Suminagashi Nomi IKEDA
These Damascus steel chisels, forged by Ikeda with the most exacting handcrafted care (from the fusing of the steel to the hoop, everything done by master craftsmen) are rare artworks in Japan.
J-INS009 Suminagashi Nomi IKEDA 9 mm
J-INS012 12 mm
J-INS015 15 mm
J-INS024 24 mm
J-INS004 4 pcs Set
Kiridashi 'Snake '
In terms of aesthetics and beauty, this masterpiece seems unparalleled. Beautifully fused Damascus steel shaped to perfection.
J-IKS Kiridashi 'Snake '
GL 240 mm, BL 50 mm


Oire Nomi IKEDA
Hand forged laminated steel chisel, hoop allready mounted, sharpened.
GL 220 mm, BL 60 mm.
J-IN003 Oire Nomi IKEDA 3 mm
J-IN006 6 mm
J-IN009 9 mm
J-IN012 12 mm
J-IN015 15 mm
J-IN018 18 mm
J-IN024 24 mm
J-IN030 30 mm
J-IN036 36 mm
J-IN042 42 mm
J-IN010 10 pcs Set


Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda
hand forged laminated steel chisels. The handle can be wrapped with Rattan or leather. White steel Overall length 250 mm Blade length 55 mm

J-INT009 Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda 9 mm
J-INT012 Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda 12 mm
J-INT018 Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda 18 mm
J-INT024 Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda 24 mm
J-INT030 Tomoe Craft Nomi Ikeda 30 mm
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